About This Project

On the Three Beer Bench at Eva’s place. Photo by  @artisanalphoto .

On the Three Beer Bench at Eva’s place. Photo by @artisanalphoto.

We are telling stories that show a better future of work. For us, the future of work is not about robots and automation: It’s about changing our relationship with work, as individuals and as a society, so more people can live happier, more fulfilled lives.

We are diving into the stories of people redefining the role of work in their lives; organizations that are radically rethinking work; and communities and societies that are supporting their citizens to work the way they want so they can live the life they want.

By exploring what they are doing and why, what’s working and what’s not, we hope to paint a picture of a better future. We aim to inspire people to rethink work—to make work work so more of us can engage with our families and communities and ultimately create a better world.

We’re hungry for this inspiration and knowledge ourselves, as we’re on our own journeys to build the lives we want. We’re glad you’ve come to join us.